The human body is the most intricate system on the planet. It’s naturally designed to protect and rebuild itself on its own. What happens when you get hot? Your pores open and you begin to sweat. This is not because you are hot this is because your body has to “cool” itself down. Otherwise, you will overheat like a car engine. What about when you get cold? You get goose bumps right. This is because the goose bumps actually warm you back up.

There’s another self-protecting mechanism that your body naturally has. It’s the ability to lose weight on its own. How does this happen?

Glucose and Insulin

When you eat, your body converts your food into glucose. This glucose is what fuels the body and gives you energy. It’s the primary source of energy for your cells. Your muscles cells, heart cells, brain cells, etc. are all feed on glucose.

As glucose enters your system, your pancreas releases a hormone called insulin. Insulin is the “key” that opens the doors to your cells and allows the glucose to enter.

Your cells don’t take in more than they need. So if you over eat, this excess glucose “feeds” your fat cells and it is then converted into free fatty acids. When your body needs energy again, and there is no food present, the body turns to the free fatty acids for energy. Your body was naturally designed to turn to its own fat for fuel. Not food. Instead of storing fat, you are now using it for energy.

So What’s The Problem?

The reason why everyone doesn’t always lose weight on their own is because of insulin. Glucose feeds you cells and converts into fatty acids very fast. But insulin leaves your body much slower.

Unfortunately, the fatty acids can’t be used when there is insulin present in your body. So instead of using its own fat for fuel, you turn back to food. You eat more, and you continue to feed your fat cells without ever having a chance to burn them. You become a fat storing machine instead of a fat burning machine.

How Do You Solve This Problem?

In a perfect world, you could eat perfectly balanced meals at the perfect time of day. Don’t snack in between and let your body work on its own. However, this will never happen. We are not perfect.

You could work out continuously to burn fat. But this won’t happen either.

Find a rich source of fiber and vitamins to help speed the release of insulin from your body. When your body is bathing in insulin, you can’t lose weight.

The fiber will absorb the excess glucose in your system which negates the need for this extra insulin. The vitamins will give you the energy that you need to help you last between meals. This supplement should be all-natural.

Source by Brandon Barclow


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