Breast cancer, as the name implies, is the cancer of the breast. It is most commonly affected by women all around the world. It is once known to affect women aged between 40 to 60, new discoveries have now said that it also affects women in their 20s. This is a serious cause of concern today.

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, please take action immediately! As delayed medical attention or treatment may prove fatal.

The most advanced treatments known to treat breast cancer today include:

1) Treated by surgery

Malignant tumours or cancer are usually removed via surgery to prevent it from spreading throughout the body. It is the most common and preferred way as it has minimal side effects. Surgery is also conducted once and it is a one off thing, which means no further surgery is required unless the problems persist.

2) Chemotherapy

This treatment is used at the mid stages of cancer for 3 to 6 months. It is also the most used treatment as it is deemed to be the most effective method of removing the cancer cells. However this method is not usually liked by patients as it has detrimental side effects over long usage periods.The common side effects that arises due to chemotherapy ranges from the mild side effects which includes abdominal pain and loss of libido to severe side effects which includes long term memory loss, Hypertension and Pneumonia.

3) Radiation Treatment (Radiotherapy)

Radiotherapy is usually conducted after the surgery of cancer removal. It is done to remove microscopic tumours that are not removed in the course of surgery. It can be delivered either internally or from an external beam. It is also common to conduct radiotherapy after a surgery as it can provide a higher success rate of non recurrence of the cancer.

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