If you want to know how to lose abdominal fat and a heap of excess weight in the process; these 4 simple steps will tell you exactly how to do just that in an easy to understand format that gets fast and effective results. Read on!

  1. A healthy and wholesome diet plan is the first step in how to lose this fat, as there is absolutely no point in eating foods that are laden with only empty calories, sugar and fat with no sign of any real nutritional value anywhere to be seen. Instead choose lean meats, fruit and vegetables as well as low fat carbs, dairy and fish.
  2. Be consistent with your efforts as there is no point eating a healthy diet one day and then binging out on the next! Likewise, stay focused on your exercise routine as regularly exercising for 30 minutes will yield far better results than a hit and miss routine of 90 minutes one day and nothing again for three days straight because you are fickle about your exercise schedule.
  3. Cardiovascular exercise is fundamental if you want to lose that abdominal fat and turn it into muscle. The main reason that some people fail is because they do not adhere to a cardio work out for long enough for it to work. Transforming abdominal fat into muscle takes a little time and patience; but it will definitely happen if you stick just with the plan. That means more than just one or two weeks!
  4. Weight training is the other secret of how to lose abdominal fat as it's the combination effect of all four steps that works. Crunches and squats are both easy weight training exercises that will shift abdominal fat so long as you adhere to the schedule of persistence, diet, cardio and weight training together.

Source by John Whitehead


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