For fast fat loss, lowering both the cholesterol levels and calorie intake is a must, failing which, forget even thinking that you can slim down. Vegetables and fruits contain healthy nutrients like zinc, fiber, many vitamins and minerals; as a result the vegetarian diet becomes very balanced. Even, like meat, proteins like nuts, tofu, and legumes do not contain high cholesterol and fat level.

So, how will you go about this vegetarian diet?

1. Papaya – eat ripe papaya any time; no restrictions as such. Papaya contains ‘Papain’, an enzyme that helps in cleaning the digestive system and easy fat loss. Even raw papaya is excellent and can be added to vegetable stews and curries. All you need is to develop a taste for it.

2. Celery – eat celery in salad form to get the best result. Celery speeds up the body metabolism and contains ‘Coumarin’, an enzyme that easily burns fat.

3. Apricot – after every meal daily, much on apricots. It contains ‘Salicylate’, an ingredient that supplies the body with the required energy.

4. Artichoke – eat this vegetable every day by adding it to your meals. Artichoke contains ‘Cynarin’, an ingredient that helps in effective burning of body fat and lowering the levels of cholesterol.

5. Spinach – eat as much as you want daily but in cooked form. Spinach contains ‘Flavonoid’, an antioxidant that helps in significant fat loss and speeds up the body’s metabolism.

What else is there to follow?

a. Color – do not chose vegetables by color; eat everything. Yes, it is true that doctors advice to have green vegetables but then, non-green vegetables also aid in fat loss. You can have it in lesser amount that the green ones. Either way, all vegetables contain fair amount of vitamins.

b. Combination – to regulate the blood sugar level and to prevent hunger pangs, always combine protein-rich vegetables with starchy vegetables. This will maintain the balance.

c. Replacement – non-vegetarian items should be replaced by tofu, beans, some nuts, low fat butter, and legumes. Your body, that is already overweight or obese, does not need extra fat, especially from meat.

To complete the diet cycle, you can take multivitamins once a day.

Source by Sangeeta Sinha


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