Before you start your weight loss marathon, take time to consider how long it took to put the weight on. It would be amazing to push a button and have the weight melt off in a matter of weeks, but that is not only, not practical, it is not safe. Be that as it may, there are some practical things that you can do to start shedding the pounds more quickly than you may have thought.

# 1 – CHILL OUT!

This might seem a little far fetched, but bear with me a minute. Reduce as much stress as possible by meditating, resting, reading, taking time for yourself, or whatever works to help reduce your sensation of stress. Our bodies are designed to slow down the metabolic function when we are stressed because the types of things that typically cause stress are times when food is scarce.

# 2 – PIG OUT!

You should be eating consistently throughout the day. NO JUNK FOOD! You should eat a minimum of six regularly spaced small meals every day. This will trigger your body into a faster metabolism because it will get in the pattern of expecting another meal very soon, so it will feel comfortable metabolizing the last meal rather than storing it up, not quite sure when the next meal will be coming.

# 3 – CLEAN OUT!

Your body is full of toxins, fecal matter, and general junk that are inhibiting proper absorption and digestion of your meals. A complete body cleanse will not only quickly reduce your weight, but it will give you more energy and a healthier physical appearance.

# 4 – FLUSH OUT!

With almost absolute certainty, I can say that you are not drinking enough water. Do you know how much you SHOULD be drinking? Let’s say that you are 180 pounds. You should be drinking at minimum 90 ounces of water DAILY! That is 11 e eight ounce glasses of water every day. The formula for the amount you drink is DIVIDE your weight in pounds by TWO. Drink that number in OUNCES OF WATER every day. NOTE: Tap water is NOT an option. The best choice is to drink water filtered through reverse osmosis alternately with distilled water. If you can not stand the taste of water, then add fresh squeezed lemons. NO SUGAR OR SUGAR SUBSTITUTES !!!

# 5 – WORK OUT!

Just get moving. Ideally, engaging in forty-five to sixty minutes of aerobic exercise is ideal, but a brisk walk for thirty minutes to start with will do wonders for your weight.


Most of us do not get balanced nutrition in our diets. It would be hard to eat enough food to give us what we need, so add supplements to your diet. Be careful to not be tempted to get them from Wal-Mart or a chain vitamin outlet like GNC. If you want results, go to a natural health food store and ask a knowledgeable clerk for recommendations.


Tell everyone you can that you are losing weight and feeling great. Do not wait until you have results. Just say it. Talk to yourself about the success you are experiencing and expecting, never about your fear of failure and any negative self-image that you have. Bottom line: If you can BELIEVE IT, you can ACHIEVE IT!


Figure out how much weight you need to lose for optimal health. Then find a child that is about that same weight and walk for five minutes with that child in your arms. If you can not find a child, fill up a gym bag with books until it weighs the same amount that you want to lose. You will be so relieved to finally put it down that you will feel AMAZING. Just think of how you feel when you lose that much of you!

Being overweight is bad for you in so many areas of your life. The biggie is health areas, but your weight can also cause social, psychological, and relational problems. Is that right? No. But it is fact in almost all cases of significantly overweight people. Do not you deserve better than that?

Source by Ricardo D Argence


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