Trying to get rid of excess body weight is no mean feat. It takes all the discipline and will in the world to draw up a diet routine; sticking to your drawn up routine is like trying to make it to Everest's summit.

Yes it is that difficult to lose and keep your lost weight. At times you get confused and decide to avoid food completely. That's the source of the calories, is not it? But can you starve to lose weight? Does avoiding food help you lose weight?

I have seen friends who always avoid eating so as to lose weight, fearing they'd get fatter. They reckon that not eating or eating very little would do them the trick. The one thing I always notice in all these friends is that none of them ever get to lose pounds. If for anything they maintain their current weight at best, and some get to achieve the opposite of losing weight.

One outstanding characteristic of these folks is that they starve themselves for most parts of the day and binge – unbeknownst to them – at dinner time. They reckon that their bodies have gotten over the meals that they skipped, and burned off some adipose fat as well.

They are right; but how come they still put on weight or at best maintain the fatty tissues?

What actually happens is, their bodies sense the shortage or non supply of food, senses tough times ahead and reduces it's rate of metabolism. With this reduced metabolism the body reserves fat it thinks it is going to need in future.

They so pile up more fat when they request a little extra helping at dinner thinking it's going to help energize them.

The solution to this problem is to eat regularly. For starters food increases your body's metabolism rather than lower it. The faster your rate of metabolism the faster you burn off fatty tissues. What you need do is watch what you pile to your plate every time you sit down to table. It is better to eat 6 or 7 small meals a day than have 3, 2 or 1 large one. With this method you get to metabolize food faster, and this is one very effective way you lose weight dieting. You do not need to starve to lose weight.

Source by Anietie Okon


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