You will need to do some studying on diabetic dog food before you purchase one. Not just any dog ​​chow you find in your pet store or supermarket can be given to your diabetic dog. Do some researching online and speak to your vet. Sometimes homemade food would be better than what you can find in any store.

Ingredients for diabetic dog foods are as follows:

– Turkey
– Cottage cheese
– Plain chicken breast
– High fiber pasta
– Green beans
– Rice
– Broccoli

Diabetes is comparable in dogs and human beings. Carbohydrates produce the chief amount of sugar in a dog. With diabetes the energy produced by sugar does not get used without the help of insulin. It is insulin that is not present with diabetes.

The most important step to helping your diabetic dog is to control his glucose levels. If your dogs' diabetes is not severe you may be able to control it with diabetic dog food. You may have to supplement their diet with pills or injections prescribed by your vet.

If you decide not to make homemade food you will want to look for a diabetic dog chow that contains little salt, direct sugar or carbohydrates. When buying pre-made food dry food is better than canned.

Diabetic food needs to be high in fiber. High fiber dog food will decrease the digestion of sugar which helps control the glucose levels in your dogs' blood.

Dogs that are diabetic need to be fed their food a few times a day in small portions.

You must pay attention to the weight of your dog. If your dog starts to gain or lose weight you will need to make a change to the amount of food they are getting. Any dog ​​food you buy changes from batch to batch and your diabetic dog may either be getting too many nutrients or not enough.

Consistency in feeding times is also important when feeding your dog their diabetic food. Give your dog the same quantity of food at the same time every day.

You can try food for your dog with diabetes. At home you can try various recipes and find one or more that your dog likes best. Then you make their food and know what is in it. There are diabetic dog foods that you can buy from a pet store that are OK, but you need to know that it is a brand you can believe in.

Red meat is not good for dogs with diabetes. Check the label on anything you may purchase, if red meat is listed anywhere do not buy it.

Exercise is crucial for your dog. He or she needs exercise every day. Only limited exercise nothing to ambitious such as playing Frisbee. You can do this but only every now and then.

I am sure you love your dog, if you did not you would not have found this article. It is imperative that you feed them properly so you will not have any problems. You can not be too careful when it comes to taking care of a diabetic dog. But it does not have to be difficult.

It is very important that all you feed your diabetic friend is diabetic dog food.

Source by Clair Trumenda


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