All about The "Big C" word – CANCER

Cancer is one of our most serious diseases that effects anyone, whether you are Young or Old, Rich or Poor, Black or White, Thick or Thin, No matter what your status in life is. Get your mind right and focus to beat the big C. Became aware of the early warning signs of cancer to have a excellent recovery rate. Most Cancers came at the early stage can be cured and beaten.

Remember: It is not your fault that you got cancer. There is ongoing research and development regarding cancer as a disease. Improved treatment and medication. Look after yourself for a Better You. Remember that cancer is a very complicated disease as there are more than 150 different kinds of cancer. Some cancers are reletively easy to detect and treat, sometimes with 100% recovery rate. There are other Cancers' that spread rapidly through the body and can not be cured. In countries where there is a very high rate of ultra violet rays such as in South Africa and several other countries across the globe have a high level of people contacting Skin Cancer.

For the most part, woman are more susceptible to breast cancer than men, but it is a known fact that there is a large percentage of the male population that contracts breast cancer as well. It is therefore important that both men and women do a regular search to enable them to know their breast and then it will be easier to recognize a difference or a lump.

The main cancer's that are contracted by women are cancers of the breasts, cervix and col-rectrum. For men it is more common for them to contact lung, prostate and Oesophageal Cancers.

There are of course triggers that can spread things along. Factors such as lifestyle, which includes genetics, environment and diet, all play a role in increasing your risk to contracting one of the cancer's. Sometimes there is a no known cause, no family history, a good lifestyle and dietary habits, It just happens. There are a few know lifestyle do's and don'ts that may help you not to contact cancer and also to stand a better change of survival if you do contact cancer.

Drink plenty of fresh water
Cover up and always use the highest sun block lotion available.
Eat at least five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis.
Regularly exercise
Give up smoking
Limit your alcohol take to one serving per day
Cut down of your red meat intake
Do regular self checks and self examinations
Have a regular medical checkup and screening
Try to stay away from over processed food, junk food and food that is high in animal fats

Although not complete by any means and the list can be added to everyday, the warning signs are just guide lines, maybe a wake up call for you and me. These signs can also be signs of other diseases. The best if you suspect anything go get medical help straight away.

I lost a beloved sister in law to breast cancer because she was scared to go and have her suspicions confirmed. She went to late. She left three beautiful daughters behind. Do not let this happen to you. Do not do that to your family. Give yourself a fighting change. Please!

Some op the early warning signs of CANCER:

Indigestion or you find you have difficulty swallowing

Vomiting or nausea

Your voice is hoarse

You have a cough that will not go away

You smoke

You have a change in bowel or bladder action

Changes in warts or moles

You have unusual bleeding and or a discharge from anywhere in the body.

If you find a lump, anywhere on your body

You could also notice a thickening in the breast, your neck, under your armpits or any where else on your body

You just do not feel right. Remember no one knows your body like you do. Get a second or a third opinion if you feel that there is something wrong.

Please you owe it to yourself firstly and secondly to your family to have yourself checked out. It is better to be a little paranoid and stop cancer in the early stages that to act mucho or to be scared and leave your loved ones behind.

Source by TrudyVan Wyk


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