There is no doubt that cancer and smoking go hand in hand and yet people continue to put their lives at risk by using the drug. Watching my sister die an agonising death against her desire to live warning others against the consequences of the habit is something I need to do. Cancer is an insidious disease that causes a lump to develop and then it grows forcing tissues to split apart and the bigger the cancer the greater the pain.

Without they understand what causes the pain those who use cigarettes or smoke other things are unaware of what they face. Putting it into perspective it's like a splinter of a huge chunk of wood imbedded in a muscle or organ. But it is far worse than that because the body becomes extremely toxic and the unexpected happens.

In her final weeks I kissed my sister on her cheek and tasted that poison on my lips. It was coming out of her skin. She had by this time lost control of her body functions and her legs had to be swaddled to stop the water that was constantly scattered out of them. When that first happened she described to me how the liquid would ooze out over the floor.

She was also permanently cold unable to get warm. She lost an incredible amount of weight and had to buy clothes in the children's department in order to get them to fit. At death she probably weighed somewhere around 5 stone. Her bones were prominent and putting my arm around her was like hugging a skeleton.

Her elbows were calloused from where she leant on her arms with her head in her hands. She could think of little else but the death sentence ahead of her. The cancer was in the pancreas which is one of the worst and quickest of them. From diagnosis to death was less than 5 months.

When she lost control of her bowels she often failed to make it to the toilet in time. One has to put oneself in that position to know how embarrassing that is and how restrictive. She reached the point where she could no longer trust herself to venture far from the house.

With memory of my reincarnation and the knowledge of how we pass from life to life she listened to me telling her what she would experience. It is a great relief when death comes despite mine was sudden. It happened when driving a horse and dray across a paddock and suddenly I was above the body looking down on it slumped in the driver's seat. Next I was above my parents as they were married one month before my birth.

For those suffering from cancer this is little comfort. The only way to avoid such an end is to not smoke or drink in the first place but if one does then stop it immediately and think of the pain you will be spared if you do not get the disease.

Source by Norma Holt


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