Are you looking for a tasty recipe that does not put too much stress on your pocketbook? Beef stroganoff is the perfect thing to make because it is a delicious dish that is also very easy to make. This is the best dish to make when you need to impress people with your skills in the kitchen. It is a very popular dish with children and adults alike. However, you might need to make a cheaper version of this dish in order to save some money. Money is getting to be very tight these days and it is sometimes necessary to stretch your household budget to the greatest possible possible.

A beef stroganoff is a simple dish that consist of strips of beef and mushrooms cooked in a subtly flavored sour cream sauce and which is then served over noodles or rice or sometimes even over French fries. Most people make this dish with a carefully chosen tender cut of beef. As a result, tenderloin or top sirloin is most often used in order to cook this meal. These cuts of meat are unduly very tasty but they are also very expensive. You may not be able to stretch your budget to include these cuts of meat especially if your income barely exceeds your expenses.

You have to be very creative in the kitchen so that you do not miss out on making this tasty meal. You can cook a beef stroganoff on a low budget by using a cheaper cut such as chuck roast. This cut of meat will be tougher than the more expensive ones but you can easily work around the problem by increasing the cooking time slowly and browning the meat well before you add the sour cream. You can even pressure cook the meat in a bit of broth before you add the sour cream. The resultant meal will be delicious and tender. Pressure cooking the meat will also help you use less cooking fuel. You could also reduce the amount of meat and increase the amount of mushrooms in order to reduce the cost.

There are plenty of beef stroganoff recipes you could use in case you are looking for inspiration. You can use these cost saving tips while cooking them in order to get the most value out of your budget. This will enable you to feed your friends and family well without spending too much of your hard earned money.

Source by Rizvana Abdul


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